Prize Draw - Weekly

Enter the number of weeks to enter (min 4 weeks)
This product has a minimum quantity of 4

At only £1.00 per entry per week and with all prize money sent automatically if you win, nothing could be more simple or fair. And with each £1 entry offering you the chance to win one of the 11 weekly prizes up for grabs, the Weekly Draw offers you a great chance to win a prize whilst also helping the club.

Enter in to the Queen of the South Prize Draw for the chance to win :

£500 Saturday Draw
£50 and £25 Mon-Fri Draws
Select the number of weeks you would like to play the draw for (min 4)

Remember, if you sign up for a year, you'll only pay £50 for 52 weeks.

Please note that this purchase will not automatically renew. You will only be entered for the number of weeks you select.
Entries to the normal draw will be entered in the next available week.

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