After careful consideration we have decided that it will be possible to re-open the Online Club Shop fully on the following basis.

We have no staff currently and the Arena itself is locked up but customers can now place orders online again. This will be for DELIVERY ONLY. It is not possible to come to the Club Shop, nor to select for a collection in person. We are not certain from a remote location what stock remains in most items either, though we have checked the stock of replica tops and removed from sale those sizes which are unavailable.

Customers can place an order through the website as usual and a volunteer keyholder will enter the shop every couple of days to pick up the stock which has been ordered. If we do not have the stock in question your order will be refunded, or partially refunded if we only have part of it. Other volunteers will then deliver or post the goods out.

Please ensure you leave plenty of time in making an order if it is for a required delivery date. Inevitably this will be a slightly slowed down process compared to normal.

Many thanks to all for their patience and understanding. The small number of orders that were placed in the last 6 weeks will also be fulfilled now.


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